In the beginning of 2013, people from the Melrose Energy Commission and the Melrose Recycling Committee had an idea to collaborate with other community groups on sustainability issues.  Ellen Katz and Jessie Schmitt  emailed their contacts from the multiple groups they worked with and knew about asking if it were possible we could work together instead of be in our individual silos to create a more sustainable, safe and “livable” City.  Groups included issues on walking & biking, energy efficiency, recycling, gardening, local foods, healthy living, etc.

A meeting at the Library was organized on April 11 whose goal was to create a coalition of organizations in Melrose working to make our community more livable, healthy and environmentally and economically sustainable.  The target organizations were those whose missions include or support the following: recycling, energy efficiency, transportation alternatives, local foods, organic gardening, environmental protection, human rights, corporate social responsibility and others.  The group was officially formed at a May 30, 2013 meeting.

The group made it’s first public appearance at the 2013 Victorian Fair then again at the 2014 Healthy Melrose Fair – taking a large role in a combined Healthy/Sustainable Melrose Fair.

The group continues to be involved in community based sustainable objectives.  A couple of it’s current objectives are to create a green business community and to help follow through with the objectives made in the City’s Open Space Plan 2015.