Sustainable Melrose to Participate in Healthy Melrose Fair – May 2, 2015

When: May 2, 2015, 10-2pm
Where: on the athletic field next to the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School, 350 Lynn Fells Pky.
Theme:  The reduction of food waste

For the second consecutive year, Sustainable Melrose will participate in the Healthy Melrose Fair

Several of the Sustainable Melrose groups will be organizing their presentations at the fair around a specific theme—the reduction of food waste. Estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency indicate that we may waste as much as 40% of the food we buy, whether it’s by purchasing too much, not using up food in time, or cooking too much and not eating the leftovers. Yet there are several ways to reduce food waste—by composting the food scrap generated in the kitchen, or by shopping smarter, or by planning meals that more effectively use up some food that would otherwise be tossed.

  • Composting and the entire cycle

Melrose Community Gardens will show what food can used to create a soup stock before it is composted. Melrose Native will present a composting demonstration. Sally Frank’s Farmers’ Market will use a soil mix that uses the compost created.   Melrose Recycling will be raffling a compost bin.Letter Box

  • Get seeds, offered by the Melrose Seed BankCompost Bin
  • See the Middle School’s Green Team display of its hydroponic garden tower.

Bike tune up

  • Get your bike tuned up for spring by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee


Once again this year, the Healthy Melrose Fair will be a zero waste and net zero energy event. Mass Energy Consumers Alliance will green the fair by matching the electricity usage with 100% clean, local wind power.  To learn more about Mass Energy’s 100% federally tax-deductible Green Power Programs and how they support the development of more clean energy projects in Massachusetts, please visit the Melrose Energy Commission booth.

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